Milwaukee Burger Loyalty Program Loyalty

Join Milwaukee Burger Company’s Loyalty Program and earn free beer, great prizes, and MBC cash back!

No card, no small print, no BS. We believe in providing unparalled rewards for great customers without the hassle.

Loyalty Points Plan

Cash back via MBC bucks

$1 spent = 1 point. 100 points = $5 in MBC Bucks

I Want Beer Tour

In additional to earning GREAT PRIZES below - throughout the tour every 10 unique beers you buy you get ONE FREE – We are not messing around with these rewards - you drink here and we give you sweet things AND play your buddy who always buys!
  • 10
    Unique Beers
    MBC Pint Glass
    10 Unique Beers

    MBC Pint Glass

  • 25
    Unique Beers
    MBC Swag T-Shirt
    25 Unique Beers

    MBC Swag T-Shirt

  • 50
    Unique Beers
    2 Crowlers with Beers of Choice
    50 Unique Beers

    2 Crowlers with Beers of Choice

  • 100
    Unique Beers
    MBC 1/4 Zip Pullover
    100 Unique Beers

    MBC 1/4 Zip Pullover

  • 250
    Unique Beers
    Milwaukee Brewery Crawl for Two
    250 Unique Beers

    Milwaukee Brewery Crawl for Two

    *Brewery selection is subject to change

  • 500
    Unique Beers
    MBC BOSS CLUB and MBC Custom Cooler
    500 Unique Beers

    MBC BOSS CLUB and MBC Custom Cooler


    • Free 3-4oz Upgrades on Tap Beers
    • 9oz beer gets you a 12oz pour
    • 12oz beer gets you a 16oz pour
    • 16oz beer gets you a 20oz pour
    • Not valid for Brewsers

    Etched Tap Handle for Beer Tour Wall of Fame

    • Will be started/made upon first member
    • Name will be etched into custom tap handle
    • Handle will be hung in the restaurant
  • 750
    Unique Beers
    Great American  Beer Festival Trip
    750 Unique Beers

    Great American Beer Festival Trip

    • Trip for you to attend the Great American Beer Festival in Denver Colorado –  occurs every October
    • Largest Craft Beer Festival in the Country
    • Premier Craft Beers to be Tasted and Beer Tasting Parties going on during the festival
    • Once milestone is reached we would coordinate with you to attend the next beer festival that would work for you
    • Only costs covered are Roundtrip Airfare for you, 2 nights of Lodging, and a 1 Day Ticket to the Festival for one person
    • A guest could come along – but only costs covered would be that they could lodge with you
  • 1000
    Unique Beers
    Free Beer for One Year!
    1000 Unique Beers

    Free Beer for One Year!

    • 365 total free beer credits will be awarded to anyone reaching this milestone
    • Max of 3 free beers available to be used each calendar day
    • Free beers are not to be given to other customers by the winner of this reward
    • Buy 10 unique beers get one free promo not eligible while you are getting (up to) your 365 free beers
    • Valid only on 9oz, 12oz and 16oz tap beers – 22oz and 34oz brewsers are excluded

“I Want Beer” Tour Rules and FAQ’s

How it works

  • Your electronic loyalty account will track every unique tap beer you drink – server will assign  your tab to your loyalty account via phone# or last name lookup upon checkout
  • A Unique Beer is defined as a unique brewery and beer type – if you order two spotted cows you will  only get credit for 1 unique beer. If you come in the next day and order a spotted cow you will not get an additional unique beer credit as you have already “used” that beer.
  • Once you’ve met the different beer milestones you will earn the designated prize
  • Along the tour you will receive one free beer for every 10 unique purchased – your free beers will count towards your tour if they are unique to your tour beers list
  • Beer Tour members get credit only for beers they (the individual member) have consumed in the visit. (Extra beers by people in your party will not be added for extra credits).
  • Participants must be of legal drinking age to earn points and rewards. Laws require us to see a government issued ID when serving alcohol.
  • Rewards are subject to change at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many beers can I have per day?

    You can add 5 beers to your loyalty account per day for the Beer Tour. Beers purchased beyond that will still count towards the loyalty points plan but will not give you credit for the Beer Tour aspect.

  • How often can I buy beers in a day and have it count towards the tour?

    Only 2 tabs are able to be assigned to your loyalty account and accepted per day. However, if you choose to visit more than twice a day, we’ll happily credit your account with manager approval. This only applies to the points plan – the Beer Tour only allows only two checks per day, max.

  • Can I get credit for unique beers purchased at any MBC Location?

    Yes! All MBC locations are participating in the I Want Beer Tour and you will get credit at any location.

  • Does a beer flight count towards the beer program and as four separate beers?

    No, unfortunately only individual 9oz, 12oz, and 16oz beers count towards the beer tour plan.

  • When will my beers be added to my account?

    After you sign up, your unique beers are credited immediately after every check is closed out & details are shown on your guest receipt.

  • How do I know how many unique beers I have tallied so far?

    Click on the "Beer Tour Leaderboard" button above and you will be able to see where you stand for Beer Tour Standing!

  • What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?

    Fill out the email form on this page if you have any additional questions, issues, or requests.

  • What happens after I reach 1000 Beers and complete the Tour?

    After reaching 1000 beers you will receive your 365 free beer credits for hitting the 1000 mark that you have 1 year to use, but the beer tour will not "restart" for you - once you've completed the tour please touch base with management for future plans.

Loyalty Questions

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